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'EVERY LIFE' t shirt

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'EVERY LIFE' t shirt Summary

Unless it can be proven otherwise it makes sense to me to assume that every life is uniquely precious to its owner and that's why I'm vegan.

In my work as a health practitioner to animals, hunt sab, and wildlife rescuer I have seen how hard animals fight for their lives, the only thing that they 'own' as well as how very lightly humans often take the decision to deny them this. If you aren't already, please consider going vegan so that you are not paying people to harm animals on your behalf.

This design features Red Admiral butterflies; I love butterflies and these ones are particularly interesting because they are primarily migrants to the U.K although if you see one early in the year, most likely in the milder climate of the South of England they may be resident butterflies.

Anyway..back to the t shirt, which is hand printed on a cotton t shirt in vegan inks. Please note that although I prefer to print on organic t shirts, none of these colours are available for women (why, why, why?) in the organic range so the women's t shirts will be non-organic and the men's will be organic.

You can have the design either printed in plain black, or with added colour painted by hand.

Please note that I am hand printing to order and sometimes need to re-order blank t shirts to fulfil an order so please allow a few days for the magic to happen and above all be nice..always.

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V happy customer - Brenda - 13/12/2017
Beautiful butterfly design and v comfy to wear...will definitely be buying more from you...happy to support such a good cause

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'EVERY LIFE' t shirt
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