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'Enforce the Ban' T shirt

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'Enforce the Ban' T shirt Summary

 100% organic cotton t shirt, hand printed in non-animal tested inks, containing no animal ingredients. This t shirt is hand printed in slightly pearlescent reddish ink, and hand finished in white ink.

This is my response to the news that the psychopath of Downing St is going to try and overturn the hunting ban within twelve months.

The ban has never been properly enforced (except by hunt sabs!) and it needs to be enforced and strengthened so that so-called ''accidental'' killing of foxes is no longer allowed as a defense. The ban needs to stay, and it needs the police to enforce it.

">It's usually hunt sabs or hunt monitors who collect evidence of illegal hunting, such as the Atherstone Hunt in this instance.

So, here's one for the foxes- a fiver from the sale of each of these t shirts will go to a sab group that I sab with to help pay for petrol and help to save foxes. 

You can choose to have the t shirt with or without the top text, so it can read 'For Fox Sake...Enforce the Ban', or simply 'Enforce the Ban' depending on how edgy you are...  ;-)

I get orders out as fast as I can but I am hand printing to order, so you won't get your order by next day delivery- I'm not Amazon! But since I don't have a secret_history_of_ruthlessly_intimidating_workers that's a good thing..!

By the way, it would be great if you signed up to join our email list for newsletters; then we could let you know about special offers, new designs etc. We don't pay to advertise as we donate so much of our takings to animal causes so there is no advertising budget, plus I just don't like the concept of advertising anyway. But it would be great to a list of customers who would be happy to hear of new products or offers. :-)

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Love it! - Charlotte - 04/04/2017
Love this t shirt its beautiful and it's a great one to support this cause, one that asks not only we keep the ban but we enforce it!! Have recommended it to a keep the ban site! Recommend highly!

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