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FASH are TRASH T shirt

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FASH are TRASH T shirt Summary

  That awkward moment when you get mistaken for a UKIP voter.... need never happen again with this handy t shirt which nails your colours to the mast!

  I designed this t shirt when I was feeling even more dislike of the Far Right than usual..and now you can buy one and show how much you despise the EDL, the BNP, Britain First and yep..those pathetic tossers UKIP as well.

   Some of my family were refugees to this country and felt very much welcomed and others were not so lucky and perished in Nazi Germany. I don't want anyone to be in doubt as to how much I despise haters like these. And I also have rather pressing reasons for needing money that I blame on the Far Right,, buy, buy..!    :)   :)

  As before, these t shirts are 100% organic and hand printed by me using vegan inks. 

  Please note that Free Postage only applies within the U.K...I'm not Rockefeller!  :)


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