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FOIE GRAS makes me SICK Summary

This is one of those campaigns that shouldn't even need to be fought..who would have thought that people would be so eager to consume a product made of swollen diseased birds' livers, ground up into a paste..which is considered so cruel that it's production is banned in this country on welfare grounds- and considering the things that ARE legally done to farmed animals, that speaks volumes.

For each t shirt sold I will donate five pounds to London Vegan Actions who campaign to get this vile product banned from the U.K.

The t shirt, as always, is 100% organic cotton. I mostly use Earth Positive t shirts which are carbon neutral, manufactured in a factory powered solely by wind and solar power. The t shirts are hand printed in inks which are not animal tested and contain no animal products of any sort. 

I hand print to order so please allow a few days for the magic to happen. Free postage is within the U.K. only. Please inquire before ordering from abroad; it's very exciting for us to send t shirts abroad but we still need to pass the cost of the postage on! :-)

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5 product stars
Simply Brilliant - Fox in Sox - 18/07/2015
I came on this site to buy this t shirt after seeing it on facebook and then in the end I got seduced by a fox tee before I even got to this page, so I'm doing a review of this anyway because I think it's a superb design and I love what you are doing, you are really being a voice for the voiceless through your beautiful work. love your t shirts because they are often deceptively simple and they make people think. Keep up the good work

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