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FREE or DIE T Summary

This orca design is hand printed in vegan inks on 100% organic t shirts.

I have been meaning to do an orca design for a while now and yesterday when I picked up another handful of leaflets advertising #FishJail Blue Reef and stuck them straight in the recycling bin it gave me the nudge I needed to get on with it.

There are no orca captive in the U.K. but there are many campaigns to help those held miserably captive elsewhere so I have decided to donate five pounds for every t shirt sold to Born Free's Free Morgan campaign to try and secure the rehabilitation and release of Morgan, the first orca taken into captivity from the wild in 20 years.

She was captured off the coast of the Netherlands in 2010, apparently in a distressed state. Her life being considered to be at risk, she was captured by a captive dolphin facility under a 'rescue. rehabilitation and release' permit. The facility then, rather than enlisting her in any sort of rehabilitation program for eventual release, subsequently said that Morgan was 'institutionalised' and therefore unfit for release. She languished in a small tank in the Netherlands for 17 months before the Dutch courts settled her fate and she was shipped to and currently imprisoned at Loro Parque marine park and zoo in Tenerife where she is made to perform daily. 

She is living with captive bred orca, believed to be on loan from Sea World, some of whom are hostile towards her; she has suffered over 600 bites, and is exhibiting severely disturbed behaviour such as self-inflicted damage from repeated head banging and tooth grinding from stress and abnormal repetitive behaviour.

Please don't be part of the problem and NEVER visit establishments where animals are held captive, or made to perform, for human entertainment. Wearing this t shirt shows your support for the captive orcas and the donation I will make to the Free Morgan Campaign will help fight for her future.

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5 product stars
Another brilliant T shirt - David and Vanessa - 29/06/2015
What else can we say that hasn't be said before. We are such fans of all the T Shirts available. Have bought these ready for forthcoming London protests.

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