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GIVE A FOX tote bag

GAFTB5 product stars

Simple black print or hand painted colour detail?*

Hmm..which delightful colour to choose...?*


GIVE A FOX tote bag Summary

This is a 100% cotton tote bag, available in pillar box red or bright orange, hand printed in cruelty free vegan inks which, before being retired as a fundraiser, has raised hundreds of pounds for sabbing hunts, and for forx rescue and mange treatments and wildlife rescue.

The design comes in two options: one is printed in black, with no other colour apart from the fox's eyes or you can have the second option which is individually hand finished in white and yellow. Each of these options is available on a red or orange tote bag, and the hand painted option only costs a measly two quid extra!

Free postage is in the U.K. only- it's very exciting for to be a global brand now, but if you live abroad you're gonna need to spring for the postage! :-)

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Great - I love it. - Jane Facey - 26/08/2015
Super bright bag with a lovely design and a donation to NFWS - win, win, win.

5 product stars
Best bag everrr!! - Fox Girl - 23/09/2015
You get a piece of hand printed and painted washable art, a handy cotton tote bag and a donation made to help foxes..there is nothing not to foxing LOVE about this product!! /\_/\ xx

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GIVE A FOX tote bag
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