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I AM CECIL t shirt choose animal

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I AM CECIL t shirt choose animal Summary

  The only difference between Cecil the lion and all the other billions of un-named animals that are killed and who also wanted to live is..NONE.

 The only difference between Dr Walter Palmer the dentist who killed Cecil for his own amusement, and all the people who choose to consume meat and dairy because they enjoy so doing, is..NONE.

This I AM CECIL design is my tribute to Cecil, who died horribly, unjustly, and too soon...and also to the unnamed, the billions..the victims of the unseen holocaust that is perpetrated every day against our fellow Earthlings, who also die horribly, unjustly and far too soon, but most of whose lives up to the moment of their deaths are far worse than that of poor Cecil.

 As before, these are hand printed in vegan inks on Earth Positive which are not only organic but are also climate neutral and made in a factory which only uses renewable energy. 

 You can choose a) a wild boar, culled in their hundreds in the Forest of Dean, Glos
b) a fox, illegally hunted every week by U.K. fox hunts and with the hunting ban now under threat.
c) a cow, tragic poster girl of human exploitation.
d) a day old male chick; they aren't named, they aren't rare, and they don't want to die, that's why they flutter on the conveyor belt which ferries them to be minced up alive
e) a herring gull, a vulnerable and protected species currently the subject of a demonisation campaign in the U.K. gutter press, presumably the precursor to initiating a cull.
f) a snail, because they don't want to die either! Did you know that if you step on a snail, with the right care they can survive and mend their shells?
g)The final choice is of a badger, the victim of an inhumane and  politically motivated cull in England, conceived and driven by the disgusting meat and dairy industry.

 I created this t shirt on impulse this evening after spending two evenings on Facebook being attacked by meat eaters; in the face of all the public teeth gnashing and bewailing the fate of poor Cecil the lion, I had pointed out that all animals want to live, including the billions of farmed animals who die equally horribly and have, in fact, spent lives much worse than Cecil's before their untimely deaths. By the way, meat eaters, it's called cognitive dissonance...going vegan alleviates the problem..

 I am going to donate five pounds for each t shirt sold, to Animal Aid which campaigns for the rights of all animals, not just those with names. The exceptions to this are the boar design which has always been a fund raiser for A Wild Life with Animals and the fox design which is already a hunt sab fund raiser and the badger design; if I sell any of the badger tees then 100% of the money, not a donation, but all the profit, will go to direct action against the cull.  The English badger cull is likely to start again within weeks and all monies raised from this badger t shirt will go to help us to save the badgers.

  All t shirts are hand printed to order so please allow a few days for the magic to happen, you angry little monkeys..!  ;-)

  Free postage is (disappointingly!) only within the U.K. but it's always exciting to post abroad (we are very big in the U.S and..Serbia!) so please contact me for overseas postage. 


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5 product stars
Thank you! - Scott Passmore (founder of AWLWA) - 08/07/2016
Thank you- The t-shirts and tote bags sold by Beg for Mercy designs have a huge impact directly on animals. Over the past year, or more, 100% of the funds we have received have helped us respond to calls for help from the public who contact us about 100s of animals, of any species, in need of first aid, hand rearing or transport to specialised hospital for treatment. Without such funds all these animals would have no help and die lonely and scared in the wild. On behalf of A Wild Life with Animals, and of course the animals themselves, THANK YOU!!!

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