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Sab the Seal Cull T shirt

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Sab the Seal Cull T shirt Summary

This is a 100% organic t shirt, hand printed in animal-friendly inks, cus we do NOT want to piss off the vegans..  :)

This t shirt is a fund raiser to help sab the seal cull; I will donate five pounds for each t shirt sold to the direct action campaign to save the seals.  

To be clear, I will be making a small amount on each t shirt sold because that is what I do for a living, I am a vegan animal rights activist and artist who uses my artwork to raise funds for wildlife groups, mostly involved in direct action campaigns. I couldn't do this if I weren't being paid for the work I do!

I have been involved in the campaign against the badger cull since the start and my sister shop  Mercy Full Designs is 100% for the badgers, I don't take any money from that at all for the work I do because I am actively involved in DA against the badger cull.

To read more about what can be achieved against the seal cull, please read this report from last year's successful sab.


Free postage is ONLY available in the U.K.

I am hand printing to order so please expect to receive your item within 28 days and then you are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the speed with which I actually fulfil your order..  :) . 

If there is a badger cull please bear with me as I will be working around sabbing the cull.  x

Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Great - Vanessa - 29/06/2015
This T Shirt is again of very superior standard and wearing it when shopping is a good way of bringing this atrocity to the attention of those who have not heard about it.

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