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TWO FOR JOY t shirt

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TWO FOR JOY t shirt Summary

This magpie print is an original design hand printed on a black organic t shirt using cruelty free, vegan-friendly inks. The design is hand printed with iridescent blue wing flashes and gold ring painted in by hand after. These pictures are from the test print and the finished image will have a little less white under the chin of the right hand magpie but I wanted to list in the shop as soon as possible as money is so badly needed for the rescue.

For a small amount extra you can have a jewel added to the ring; please be aware that I can't give any guarantees as to how long the jewel will stay on, mostly they are fine and if you wash the garment inside out that helps but I will send you a few spare jewels as well as replacements, just in case. :-)

The design was created as a fund raiser for a rescue but has now been retired after raising quite a bit of money for rescued corvids. :-)

I print to order so please allow a few days for the magic to happen.

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5 product stars
Thank you! - Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue - 19/05/2016 has now donated 116.00 to our gofundme- that is the largest amount that anybody has donated to it- thank you so much for your staunch support

5 product stars
Thank you very much for your support - Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue - 17/05/2016
Thank you very much for the 80.00 you have now donated to our rescue to try and help save it. As things stand the rescue will close its doors on July 1st unless we can relocate and rebuild, so we do very much appreciate your efforts to help save the rescue for our precious wildlife

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