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Turkey Dinner Tote Bag

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Turkey Dinner Tote Bag Summary

How to make a turkey dinner:

1. Make dinner

2. Give it to a turkey

This is an original design, hand printed in vegan-friendly inks, on a 100% cotton bag.

Please don't celebrate festive occasions around the pathetic incinerated corpse of someone who wanted to live; turkeys are fascinating, complex creatures with language, an ability to form strong bonds and an engaging and inspiring zest for life in spite of all that they have suffered. When meeting the public on sanctuary open days, they are great ambassadors for the faceless billions of farmed animals who die every year to feed human appetites.

Turkeys aren't only eaten at Christmas – around 15 million are slaughtered throughout the year in the UK. Modern turkey varieties have been selectively bred for high meat yields and rapid growth. They have a natural life span of approximately 10 years, yet factory farmed turkeys are slaughtered at just 12-26 weeks old. In this short period, they may grow to nearly twice the size of their predecessors of only 25 years ago, and four times the size of their wild ancestors.

This means that even rescued turkeys with loving homes in sanctuaries face many health problems due to the strain that such massive growth places on their organs and skeletal structure and they frequently die of heart failure or are euthanased when their joints fail and they are no longer able to stand.

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