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OINK t shirt

OINK5 product stars

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OINK t shirt Summary

100% organic cotton t shirt, hand printed in vegan-friendly inks. Locals call the wild boar piglets 'humbugs' because of their stripes, and sales from this t shirt will benefit a group that helps humbugs and other vulnerable wildlife. This design is my take on bumper stickers and demo placards which invite drivers to honk to show solidarity. :-)

The t shirt is available on traditional humbug brown, or black, and you can choose to have either the complete text ''OINK if you care!'' or simply the humbug image over the word ''OINK''.


I am hand printing to order so please bear with me and don't expect delivery by drone 30 minutes after you place your order...especially during badger culls..thanks.

Free postage is within the U.K. only.

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5 product stars
Thank you! - Scott Passmore (founder of AWLWA) - 23/08/2015
The t-shirts and tote bags sold by Beg for Mercy designs have a huge impact directly on animals. Over the past year, or more, 100% of the funds we have received have helped us respond to calls for help from the public who contact us about 100s of animals, of any species, in need of first aid, hand rearing or transport to specialised hospital for treatment. Without such funds all these animals would have no help and die lonely and scared in the wild. On behalf of A Wild Life with Animals, and of course the animals themselves, THANK YOU!!!

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OINK t shirt
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