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Adults only please
Oh my word...sincere apologies to 'Disgusted, of Tunbridge Wells' for the vulgar nature of this category but I don't think any of these designs should be seen as offensive, they were just intended to make people smile, so...lighten the fuck up, already!!

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VEGAN C*nt MUG! Details


It's finally here!!! Sorry, it's taken so long to list these mugs after mentioning them on Facebook ages ago...thank you all for your're all so deserve mugs!! So..ultimately all the designs will be available as mugs, but I am listing this one first, because Ms V.C.has...
Don't be a C*NT T

Don't be a C*NT T

As before, this is a 100% organic cotton t shirt; most of the black t shirts I use now, are by Earth Positive (replacing Hanes) and are also carbon neutral, produced in a factory which uses only solar and wind power. All t shirts are printed by hand in vegan inks, which contain no animal ingredients...
Vegan C**t T shirt Details

Vegan C**t T shirt

Somebody called one of my friends this a few months we decided to own it.. Please don't bother sending me outraged emails about this t shirt...f ya don't like it, don't buy it! ;) As before..vegan artist, organic, hand printed, vegan inks. PLEASE NOTE: FREE POSTAGE IS WITHIN THE U.K. ONLY!! Please...
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