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Bunnyhugger tee

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Bunnyhugger tee Summary

Hand printed cotton t shirt,from an original design, printed using cruelty free vegan inks.

Animal Rights campaigners and those who care about animals have long been put down and written off as 'bunnyhuggers'.

I am proud to be an Animal Rights activist and I like the idea of taking back and owning a title which was intended to be dismissive and pejorative and wearing it with pride.

I have also rescued and lived alongside rescued rabbits for many years and I can't imagine anything more wonderful in life than hugging bunnies, I would do it full time if I could..  :-)

I normally print on organic t shirts but at the moment the range of colours available in women's sizes is limited, so while the black t shirts in XL downwards are always organic, other colours and sizes may not be.

I hand print to order and sometimes need to order in small batches of new t shirts to fulfil an order so please allow a few days for the magic to happen, and, above all, be nice..always. X

By the way, it would be great if you signed up to join our email list for newsletters; then we could let you know about special offers, new designs etc. We don't pay to advertise as we donate so much of our takings to animal causes so there is no advertising budget, plus I just don't like the concept of advertising anyway. But it would be great to a list of customers who would be happy to hear of new products or offers. :-)

Please sign up (on our home page) for email newsletters so we can send you money-off vouchers, special offers and news of brand new designs and events we will be attending. We promise not to email you more than once a month! We donate so much of the profits from BFM that we have no advertising budget, so staying in touch with existing customers really helps us. :-)



Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
Fabulous T shirt! - Tina - 18/01/2015
Thanks so much for the bunny hugger t-shirt, I love it! Its great quality, a fantastic design and an incredibly quick delivery. Thank You :)

5 product stars
Cute ironic design - ARA - 08/02/2015
I really love this t shirt; we need to be proud of being bunnyhuggers! The t shirt is amazing quality, soft, smooth fabric with an amazingly cute but clever design- thanks, beg-for-mercy!

5 product stars
Fantastic - Jane Law - 12/07/2015
What a brilliant t-shirt , very good quality and your money goes where it is needed . Thankyou

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Bunnyhugger tee
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