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Orca & Dolphin Fund Raisers

This shop-within-a-shop contains my dolphin and orca designs from each sale of which I will donate five pounds to Sea Shepherd or Care for the Wild's Free Morgan Campaign.

Cetaceans are complex, highly intelligent animals which do not belong in captivity. Please do not visit aquaria where animals of any sort are held captive as public entertainment or spectacle.

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BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS t shirt Details


This really is the Animal Rights equivalent of the Little Black Dress- unless, of course, you were actually planning to wear an actual little black dress to demos- because it would be suitable to wear at demos for farmed animals, anti hunt demos, anti cull demos, hunt sabbing, British Heart Foundation...
COVE RED tote bag

COVE RED tote bag

This is a hand printed cotton tote bag, available in blood red, with black or white ink, or as a black bag, printed in white ink. The design is to raise awareness of the terrible slaughter of the dolphins and pilot whales of Taiji.
Cove Red t shirt Details

Cove Red t shirt

This an organic cotton t shirt, hand printed in white or black cruelty free ink, to raise awareness of the suffering of the dolphins and pilot whales of Taiji. I planned the design with black ink on a red background but I did the test print in white on black so I am making it available as a black t shirt...


So, we are facing further roll out of the bloody cull and we are now in the last few days before the bloody slaughter begins. Please do your utmost to join us in the field, every person can help, and numbers are absolutely critical, especially if we are now working in three zones. If you cannot come...
Dolphin tote bag Details

Dolphin tote bag

This 'Let my people go' tote bag is 100% cotton, hand printed in cruelty free inks. Tote bags are perfect for getting your message across when you are wearing a coat and your slogan t shirt isn't visible, so ideal for carrying your sandwiches and drink and whistle when you are on your way to an 'Empty...


This orca design is hand printed in vegan inks on 100% organic t shirts. I have been meaning to do an orca design for a while now and yesterday when I picked up another handful of leaflets advertising #FishJail Blue Reef and stuck them straight in the recycling bin it gave me the nudge I needed to get...
Dolphin tee Details

Dolphin tee

Hand printed organic t shirt, using vegan inks. Available in either standard animal rights black :-) or printed on blue representing Cove Blue, or red, denoting Cove Red, the symbols of hope and despair in the campaign for the dolphins being slaughtered and taken prisoner at Taiji. FIVE POUNDS FROM THE...
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