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Vegan C**t T shirt

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Vegan C**t T shirt Summary

Somebody called one of my friends this a few months we decided to own it..

Please don't bother sending me outraged emails about this t shirt...f ya don't like it, don't buy it!  ;)

As before..vegan artist, organic, hand printed, vegan inks.


PLEASE NOTE: FREE POSTAGE IS WITHIN THE U.K. ONLY!! Please contact for overseas postage as I must pass on the cost of posting abroad. Thank you.

For info: posting one ladies' t shirt to the USA cost £4.75 in stamps.


Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
100% brilliant - Gary - 27/12/2014
Vegan girls have the ideals to make this world a better nicer place, beautiful heart, beautiful from the core, therefore, lovely through and through. My ugly side would surface for thing that called MY friend that.

5 product stars
Positively the best vegan t shirt everrrrr - Trina Simpson - 11/10/2016
Don't listen to the small minded and the naysayers; this is so cute and a lovely positive response to the haters, turning what was meant to be an insult back into a positive and embracing it. Well done Mercy! X

5 product stars
F cking A - VC - 14/05/2017
This is the BEST vegan t shirt ever- buying one NOW!!

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Vegan C**t T shirt
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