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BE KIND t shirt

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BE KIND t shirt Summary

 This plea for kindness features a pair of town pigeons, the pariahs of the avian world, who, just like the rest of us, need a bit of tolerance and understanding and the text is in a graffiti style to represent the urban environment in which these birds live.

This original design is hand printed in black or white vegan-friendly inks and there is the option of slightly pearlescent blueish and pinkish detail painted in on the pigeons' breast.

The whole text says 'Be kind, everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle', or you can simply have the text 'Be kind' if you prefer.

I designed it to be printed in black on a dark t shirt but having test printed it in white also I think it looks just as nice like that so have given that as an option. The grey t shirts are darker than they appear in the coloured photo.

Please note: I usually print on organic t shirts but the organic grey isn't right for this design so the grey t shirts will be Fruit of the Loom non-organic.

I print to order so please allow a few days for the magic to happen..

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Customer Reviews

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5 product stars
love love love it! - Pigeon Friend - 01/06/2016
Thank you for my t shirt which is the smoothest fabric I have ever felt- feels like velvet- and love the unusual poignant design, Hope it helps encourage others to be kind, especially to poor pigeons and I'm so proud that 5.00 from the money went to help wildlife including pigeons. Thank you for all that you do. I am going to wear this t shirt everywhere!

5 product stars
Lovely design, thank you so much for all your support - Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue - 17/05/2016
Thank you very much for the 80.00 you have now donated to our rescue to try and help save it. As things stand the rescue will close its doors on July 1st unless we can relocate and rebuild, so we do very much appreciate your efforts to help save the rescue for our precious wildlife

5 product stars
Thank you for the 126.00 you have donated! :-) - Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Rescue - 01/06/2016
Thank you so much; as things stand we have no premises to move to, so I don't know what will happen but we do thank you for your support and generous donations to our aviary fund. Thank you

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BE KIND t shirt
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